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The North Central
Camera Club Council (N4C)

N4C is an organization of about 40 camera clubs in the North Central States area of the United States of America. Individuals are encouraged to join one of the affiliated camera clubs in their area thereby qualifying as a member of N4C and eligible to participate in contests and activities of the Council.


Our Purpose

N4C is a non-profit organization dedicated to public education and learning in the science and art of photography:

bulletto stimulate invention and research in photographic techniques and the general application thereof;
bulletto accumulate and disseminate information on the science and practice of photography;
bulletto issue regular bulletins and publications necessary to record the progress currently being made in the field;
bulletto transmit to members information useful in their practice of photography and allied arts;
bulletto promote and encourage advancement of its members in the knowledge and practice of the science and art of photography;
bulletto render such other services to its members’ clubs as may increase their abilities
bulletto advance in the practice of photography through membership in the local camera clubs;
bulletand to provide a means of communication among the various clubs for the exchange of ideas and accomplishments in this field.

The North Central Camera Council
has been a PSA member
since 1956.

Where Names Become Faces and Faces Become Friends!


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