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President's Message 

Greetings N4C members!

At the beginning of a new N4C season, I again look forward to sharing images and information about photography among
our membership.

In this year of the Covid-19 pandemic we will need to rely on the Directory even more than usual. In the absence of the spring and fall conventions in 2020 we will have to use email, Zoom, conference calls, FaceTime, and surface mail much more than we have in the past.

Last year saw several rule changes, one of which is the addition of an alternate judging metric that may be used instead of the familiar T,C,I metric. (That is, judging clubs may choose to use one or the other of these two ways to judge photos.)

I will be writing about each of these changes in the monthly Bulletin, but information on both topics is currently available on the N4C Web site. Just click on the big blue button labeled “N4C Contest Rules” at the top of the Competition Page (http://www.n4c.us/competition.htm). See F-2 through F-3 for descriptions of the two judging metrics (of which judging clubs may choose to use either one). See F-5 through F-6 of the Handbook for the changes to Definitions and Rules for competition categories.

Mark Gromko
2020-2021 N4C President


The "NORTH CENTRAL CAMERA CLUB COUNCIL” had its inception almost simultaneously in the minds of three men  Robert H. Cochran, M.D., APSA. Omaha, E, Curtis Lugg, Sioux Falls, and Francis A. Kingsbury, Ponca and Sioux City.

Fate decided that their paths should cross in the Spring of 1955, these three men sat on the front porch of the Kingsbury home in Ponca Nebraska where their vision gave birth to the North Central Council of Camera Clubs. From their idea that evening a tentative organization, created May 30, 1955, combined members of seven Camera Clubs located in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota. and South Dakota.
Summer, Fall, and Winter Seasons were spent in organizational creation of many of the services still available from the "N-4-C", as the infant was nicknamed. Meeting at the Joslyn Memorial Art Museum in Omaha, January 22, 1956, resulted in adopting a Constitution, and in electing the temporary officers to their permanent positions.
The First Convention, held in Sioux City, lowa, with Francis A. Kingsbury as General Chairman gave the 123 delegates from the 20 member Clubs such excellent programs that it is difficult to uphold tradition in the subsequent Conventions, The now famous "N 4 C, “Where Names become Faces and Faces become Friends"  was originated during this gathering by Francis Kingsbury. The original officers were re-elected to complete their assignment to build an active and lasting N-4 C.


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