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N4C Competition

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Competitions in each category listed below are held within the North Central Camera Club Council September through May except December. Each club belonging to the Council may submit eight entries per contest category per month on the basis of one per maker. Any entries that receive a ribbon in a monthly competition will be entered in the year-end competition. 
Contest Categories

bulletDigital Altered Reality
bulletDigital Black & White
bulletDigital Journalism
bulletDigital Nature
bulletDigital Pictorial
bulletDigital Travel
bulletAltered Reality Prints
bulletBlack & White Pictorial Prints
bulletJournalism Prints
bulletNature Prints: Black & White or Color
bulletPictorial Prints (Color)
bulletTravel Prints
bulletPhoto Essay Annual Contest will be held in April
bulletPanorama Print Annual Contest will be held at the Spring mini-convention.
bulletCamera Club Communication Annual Competition in April

Category Definitions, Entering, and Judging

See the N4C Contest Rules (Section F of the N4C Handbook) using the blue button above to download them.

Helpful Tips

See the following videos about Sizing Photos for Contests:

        [Exporting Contest Entries from Lightroom CC]
        [Lightroom Export Presets]
        [Exporting Contest Entries from Photoshop CC]

Videos by Brian Stockton for Des Moines Camera Club contests.
However the instructions are applicable to N4C contests.
Instead, use Member Numbers assigned by YOUR CLUB.
Use the appropriate N4C contest category code:
        DA Digital Altered Reality
        DB Digital Black & White
        DJ Digital Journalism
        DN Digital Nature
        DP Digital Pictorial
        DT Digital Travel

For more information see:  [How to Name Contest Entries]

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