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These links are to provide copies of N4C documents and forms.
They are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.
Some have interactive fields and may be typed on.

1. Click the link and save the blank form to your computer. ("Save as..." and choose where you want to save it.)
2. Open the form that you saved & type on the form to fill it out if it is listed as "Interactive".
3. Save the changes (the information you typed on the form) to your computer.  "Save" will replace the blank form you saved earlier.  Or "Save as..." and give the filled out form a new name such as "May N4C Color Print Report.pdf"
4. To email the saved pdf form to someone, send it as an attachment to your email message.

Form   Click Link to get form
Contest Rules (2023-2024)
N4C Contest Rules and Definitions. Inter-Club Contests Procedures & General Rules. This is Section G from the N4C Handbook.
See Tips to Resize Photos For Contests and How to Name Contest Entries
N4C Handbook (2023-2024)
N4C Handbook contains Constitution, Bylaws, Officer Duties, Contest Rules, Program Aids, and other General Information about the Council.
Contest Entry Blank-Front   (Interactive)
Contest Entry Blank-Back
Used by a club to list entries for monthly N4C contests.  It is sent with the entries to the Judging Club and use to record judges scores, comments and awards.  It is then sent back to the entering club when the entries are returned.
Photo Essay Entry Form
Used by individuals and clubs to enter the annual Photo Essay Contest. See Contest Rules for details about this contest. This form identifies the entry and will be used to record judges scores and comments.
N4C Award Calculator
Used by the Judging Club.  This page has a calculator to determine the appropriate number of various types of ribbons and awards to make for N4C contests.  The number of awards is based on the total number of entries in a given contest.
Contest Judges Report   (Interactive)
Used by the Judging Club to summarize the monthly N4C contest results and statistics. It is sent to the 1) N4C Bulletin Editor, 2) N4C 2nd VP (or designated contest recording chair), and 3) N4C Contest Chair for the given contest.
    1) Carl Hardy ; 2) Terry Butler;
    3) Contest Chair - See N4C Handbook
Request for N4C Supplies   (Interactive)
Used to order N4C Supplies such as awards and printed forms.
Request for Payment  (Interactive)
IMPORTANT - Save to your computer.
Used to ask for payment by the N4C Treasurer for Council expenses.
N4C Dues Payment Statement  (Interactive)
IMPORTANT - Save to your computer.
Used by clubs to pay annual N4C dues to the N4C Treasurer. Dues are to be paid the first of September each year. Shows how dues are to be calculated.
Club Information - MS Word Form (preferred)
Club Information - Acrobat PDF Form (alternate)
IMPORTANT - Save to your computer.
Used by each affiliated camera club to provide the information about the club, meetings and list of officers for the upcoming year. This information, due July 1 each year, is sent to the editor of the N4C Handbook & Directory. It is IMPORTANT - Save to your computer, fill it out, save the completed form and email a copy or print and Post-mail.
Contest Chair's Judging Club Information (Interactive)
IMPORTANT - Save to your computer. You must open the form AFTER saving it to your computer to enter data and save the completed form.

Used by the N4C Contest Chair for each contest category to provide the list of judging clubs for the upcoming contest season. This information, due June 1 each year, is sent to the editor of the N4C Handbook & Directory.
Fill in the information, and then click the 'Save Copy' button to save it to your computer. Email or post-mail a copy to the editor listed.
Founders Award Nomination   (Interactive)
Used to nominate N4C members for the N4C Founders Award. Consult a club N4C Contact and the N4C Handbook & Directory for guidelines and submittal.
Service Award Nomination   (Interactive)
Used to nominate N4C members for the N4C Service Award. Consult a club N4C Contact and the N4C Handbook & Directory for guidelines and submittal.
This is a sample "Genealogical Codicil To My Last Will And Testament". It could be modified to preserve or designate recipients of club records, personal photography, or family possessions.

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